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Why Biden’s “Record Player” Goof Was No Gaffe


Joe Biden’s tossed word-salad response in the last Democratic debate on the question of how government or society ought to respond to the legacy of slavery – in which he encouraged parents to talk more to their kids, citing a famous 1995 study finding a 30-million word deficit among children from low-income families – was… »

Why Biden is, and Should Be, the Dem Frontrunner


As the Democratic candidates for president gather Thursday night in Houston for another “debate” – the first in which the top three contenders will share the stage – the race still hinges on one key question: Who among the candidates can defeat President Donald Trump… »

No, Mr. Trump, There is No ‘Invasion’ from the South


President Trump continually uses the word “invasion” to describe the immigration issue on the U.S. Southern border not just for its inflammatory, provocative and incendiary usefulness to his cause, but because it would lay the foundation for his dictatorial seizure of the National Guard. Despite… »

Perils of Polling: Does Kamala Really Lead Joe?


Fans of U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris rejo